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Low Bridge Glasses – Should You Consider Low Bridge Glasses?

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What Are Low Bridge Glasses?

If you’ve ever owned a pair of prescription glasses, chances are you have experienced the awkward feeling of your frames slipping down the bridge of your nose.

For some, this can be an occasional problem that only rears its head during physical activities. But depending on your facial features, this can be a much more common experience during reading or driving, unfortunately. Luckily, there are specific frame designs — such as low bridge glasses — that can help solve this problem.

Low bridge eyeglasses are crafted with the frame’s bridge designed more toward the center of the frame. This design is particularly effective at preventing glasses from sliding down the nose of people with low nose bridges, wide faces, or high cheekbones.

Do I Need Low Bridge Glasses?

Anyone who has gone to get fitted for new eyewear knows that certain frame styles will suit your nose better than others. One of the most significant factors in the way a pair of glasses fits is often the shape and position of the nose bridge. When determining low bridge vs. high bridge glasses, note where the bridge is located in relation to the brow line. If you have a high nose bridge — or one that sits above your pupils — it may suit you to try on frames with a bridge that rests along the brow line.

If you have a low nose bridge (at or below your pupils), you may find that low bridge eyeglasses frames with a bridge that rests below your brow line will fit much better and look great.

What Styles of Low Bridge Glasses Frames?

Low bridge eyewear comes in all types of designs and styles for men, women, and kids. Not only is there a great selection of low bridge eyewear to ensure you have a comfortable pair of frames, but low bridge glasses often compliment the facial features of their wearers as well.

Whether you are looking for the perfect pair of low bridge reading glasses, or are seeking low bridge sunglasses from top designers like Ray-Ban Gucci and more, you can find them.

Where to Buy Low Bridge Glasses?

You will be able to shop the many great selections of low bridge glasses at Milton Eye and Vision Care. Our eyewear specialists will be able to help you try on our top picks to help find the perfect pair of low bridge frames for you. Contact us today!

Written by Dr. Ronald Nicholas Strohan

Dr. Strohan has been an integrative optometrist in the Milton, Ontario area for over 40 years and has always stayed true to his philosophy of focusing on excellent patient eye care. He has studied behavioural optometry for more than 4 decades and is passionate about providing clear vision for patients of all ages. He takes pride in offering the latest eye care products and advancements in vision therapy.
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