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Pink Eye vs. Stye: What Are the Differences?

A young man holding a tissue in his left hand and rubbing his right eye in irritation with his right hand

Pink eye and stye are 2 common eye conditions that can cause discomfort. They may share similar symptoms, such as eye irritation and redness, making an eye exam essential to tell the difference. Although both pink eye and styes can give you redness, irritation, and an uncomfortable feeling in your eye, styes are often accompanied […]

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Polarized Sunglasses — What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

The sun has many benefits for those who enjoy the outdoors, but glare isn’t one of them. Polarized sunglasses are an excellent solution for protecting your eyes from blinding glare that can impact your vision when the sun is brightest. Polarized sunglasses are specialized eyewear that can protect your eyes by filtering out intense refractive […]

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Enchroma Glasses: How Do Enchroma Glasses Work For Color Blindness?

EnChroma is a technology company based in California that has designed one of the most popular glasses for those with color blindness, offering the potential to help wearers detect differences between colors they may not have otherwise. Color blindness is particularly common in males, with one in 10 males having a color deficiency according to […]

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